While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

Full-Time Catalogue

Centennial College Full-time Programs Catalogue 2021-2022


Ancillary Fees

Ancillary Fees

Adjusted Ancillary Fees for Winter 2021

View the Adjusted Ancillary Fees for Winter 2021 due to unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees are vital to supporting student services provided by the College and the Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI).

Students are required to pay ancillary fees, as determined through a collaborative review completed by the Board of Governors and the CCSAI. The following information outlines Centennial College ancillary fees.

The ancillary fees listed are by semester, based on a regular, two-semester program.

Non-Essential Fees

On November 21, 2019, the Divisional Court of Ontario overturned the Student Choice Initiative, a directive introduced by the Ontario Provincial Government in January 2019. As a result, Centennial College has suspended the option to opt-out of non-essential fees for the Winter 2021 term. If you are enrolled in Winter 2021 courses, you will be charged all ancillary fees, even if you opted out of some or all the non-essential ancillary fees in the previous year.